How much weight you can lose with a gastric balloon depends on how carefully you follow the nutrition plan given by your doctor and the instructions. Gastric balloon is ideal for those who do not want to have a surgery as it provides the body with weight loss without any non-surgically.

People who are interested in gastric balloon procedure are usually intimidated from surgery or are not overweight in a level which requires surgery. Some patients decide to have a gastric balloon because they are not proper candidates for the surgery; gastric balloon is also benefited in preparation for gastric sleeve surgeries.

After a gastric balloon procedure, weight loss in the first two months is very quick. The speed of weight loss decreases after the second month until the sixth month. If the gastric balloon remains in the stomach for a year, approximately one kilo per month can be lost on the dates close to its removal; this is very expected and common.

In gastric balloon treatments to lose weight, the person is very close to the ideal weight. For patients who get a Gastric balloon in preparation for surgical procedure, the person becomes ready for surgery. In order for the weight lost with gastric balloon procedures to be at the desired levels, it is essential to insert the most proper gastric balloon, correctly adjust the volume; and doctor who performs it, must be a specialist. Maximum weight loss is obtained when all factors are ideally combined.

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The weight loss of overly obese patients cannot be the same with obese patients; as we mentioned above, the weight loss amount cannot be the same. These numbers may change even with patients who have the same amount of weight, depending on how the endocrine system of them functions. If you focus on the metabolism which works a lot different, you can scratch it with significant negatives. Therefore, you should learn your own body habits by consulting to your doctor and follow the ideal schedule in this direction.

Gastric balloon method

Losing weight with a gastric balloon is very common. When the limit of your gastric decreases, your food intake gets lower and naturally you lose weight. However, as we have told, this number value can be various for every individual; therefore, only a doctor can give the most accurate answer to this.

What is Gastric Balloon? Why is the operation performed?

A gastric balloon is a silicone medical material which takes the sphere shape after it is inflated with liquid or air. The gastric balloon volume reaches to 400-700 millimeters. The gastric balloon process is one of the simplest procedures that can make patients lose weight. It is not a surgical procedure. Therefore, the gastric balloon is not accepted as an alternative to treat morbid obesity conditions. Sometimes, it can be used as a help in the treatment of morbidly obese patients who are required to lose some weight before their surgery, but this situation is not so common. Gastric balloon, also known as intra gastric balloon process, is a new generation weight loss procedure. The balloon is placed by endoscopic methods and filled with salt water (saline) in the stomach. By this, the balloon takes up space in the gastric, leading the patient to decrease food intake, experience a feeling of fullness earlier with less food, and thus helps patients to achieve weight loss.

Is Gastric Balloon effective?

A gastric balloon procedure does not eliminate morbid obesity or creates an alternative to obesity surgery. A gastric balloon is not a type of gastric reduction surgery; this procedure is not performed to achieve this.

Gastric balloon method is used for super-obese people only to prepare them for morbid obesity surgery when they need weight loss before surgery. In addition, it can be applied as a helping treatment for patients who are a little over weighted and are not ready for a surgery, although it is very seldom.

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In this endoscopic method, a fist-sized medical balloon that is filled with water is inserted inside the patient’s stomach, and limits the food intake. Patients are able to lose weight until a certain rate with the gastric balloon method, and the balloon must be taken out maximum of 1 year later. Also, for reasons like pain, abdominal tension, vomiting, an important proportion of patients would like to remove the balloon before its due date.

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