Sheffield Crookes Gastric Sleeve

Sheffield Crookes Gastric Sleeve procedures are popular with their safety and convenience thanks to the Mono Obesity Surgery’s expertise. For weight loss and new 2021 gastric sleeve prices, please get a free online consultation with our professional health experts.

Mono Obesity Surgery is proud to have the best weight loss procedures at the most affordable prices; we are the first choice of Sheffield Crookes Gastric Sleeve patients, with the finest quality gastric sleeve results and unique clinical services.

Why is the Sheffield Crookes Gastric Sleeve the perfect choice for weight loss?

Because of new advancements and high-level medical technology, gastric sleeve is now the most popular weight reduction treatment.

Gastric sleeve weight loss is very fast and efficient; Sheffield Crookes Gastric Sleeve is the simplest and safest choice for those who have not been able to lose weight by diet plans or exercising.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a very simple surgical procedure; recovery is painless, and results can be obtained quickly.

By reducing the size of the stomach, the Sheffield Crookes Gastric Sleeve helps to provide patients and with healthier eating patterns. Patients who undergo Mono Obesity Surgery gastric sleeve operation receive dietary support until their final results are obtained.

Sheffield Crookes Gastric Sleeve

Crooks is one of the city’s liveliest neighborhoods. Crookes, located on a hill near the University of Sheffield, has a series of streets with leafy trees and a high altitude. This area is overflowing with shops, cafes, and pubs.

What do Sheffield Crookes Gastric Sleeve patients say?

“I am so happy with the results of the gastric sleeve I had with Mono. Every member of the team is so attentive and professional. I recommend them to everybody looking for a quality weight loss procedure.”

Gastric Bypass in Turkey
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“I have lost 65 kg thanks to gastric sleeve I had with Mono’s talented surgeons, I totally recommend them to anybody looking for a healthy way to lose weight.”

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Stomach Reduction Surgery

Physical appearance is one of the essential traits for many people. While most people are trying to lose weight to look good or self-confident, being healthy is also a crucial feature. In order to have a healthy life, people need to take care of our bodies and health. However, sometimes losing weight becomes more challenging or maybe even impossible for some people. Stomach reduction surgery or surgeries are the most effective ways to lose weight in other ways. While there are multiple types of stomach reduction surgeries, not all of them are suitable to everyone.

Types of Stomach Reduction Surgery

Just like every other surgery, stomach reduction surgery also has some different types as well. There are three most common surgeries. These operations’ names are sleeve gastrectomy, adjustable gastric banding, and gastric bypass.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

This stomach reduction surgery type had FDA approvals for a while now. The operation aims to make the patients able to be full with less food. The surgeon removes a big part of the stomach and then unites the stomach’s remaining pieces together. This way, the patient’s stomach will be smaller, and the patient will feel full after consuming less food than before.

Adjustable Gastric Banding

This surgery type is used for more than ten years now, and it is the best way to change the amount of food the client can consume. The surgeon places an adjustable band in the client’s stomach, preventing clients from using their stomach to its full capacity. This way, the client will be able to consume less food. Another good part of this surgery is the patient can adjust the band’s tightness that is placed in their stomach by visiting their doctor. This way, the patient and the doctor can keep the process in control.

Gastric Bypass

This procedure has the most prolonged past compared to other types. The surgeon creates a pouch in the patient’s stomach and connects it to the jejunum part. This way, the client’s stomach prevents themselves from consuming more food than enough.



Stomach Reduction Turkey

Stomach reduction in Turkey specialists with years of experience in action
Stomach reduction in turkey
Surgical interventions are described with stomach reduction, with which severe obesity is to be reduced. This generally reduces the volume of the stomach. Experience indicates that the symptoms associated with being overweight, such as high blood pressure and increased blood lipid levels, can be normalized. Surgery to treat this obesity is often an option if other methods fail to reduce weight. Special clinics in Turkey are characterized by the fact that the operations are not only of the highest quality, but also that the costs of a stomach reduction are significantly lower than in UK.

A stomach reduction is a medical intervention against pathological obesity and the resulting illnesses. In order to reduce weight, the stomach is surgically made smaller. The aim is to reduce food intake in this way in order to provide the body with less superfluous food. The various surgical methods can now all be carried out with minimal risk.

Stomach Reduction Surgery in Turkey

This procedure has a long tradition in Turkey. However, before a stomach reduction is performed, certain requirements must be met. This includes a body mass index (BMI) of over 40kg / m² for men and between 35 and 40kg / m² for rough ones. Because of their weight, those affected already suffer from diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, etc.

Get Slim Surgery in Turkey

There are different types of intervention. In Turkey, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric band variants have prevailed. All the methods mentioned are performed under general anesthesia and the so-called keyhole technique, which no longer requires large abdominal incisions. As a non-operative variant, gastric botox receives a lot of attention, especially from spontaneously determined people.

How much stomach reduction surgery cost in Turkey?












£8,000 to £15,000

















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Sustainable dream figure only in connection with physical activity
Gastric surgery can cause the patient to lose considerable weight. Within two years, the various obesity surgical interventions can lead to the patient’s ideal figure.

Stomach Reduction Surgery in Turkey Of course, the result ultimately always depends on the patient’s motivation. The specialists in Turkey not only point out during the detailed preliminary discussion that the procedure must be actively supported by the patient. Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey That’s why they give him an individual nutrition plan on the flight home. In combination with physical activity, the chances of success on the desired figure will increase.

The bigger the intervention, the more effective it is. At the same time, however, the possible complications increase. Stomach reduction is not a trivial procedure and some patients gain weight again. Finally, even a small stomach can be tricked with high-calorie porridge and liquids.

Weight Loss Turkey is a bariatric surgery platform for surgery at Mono Clinic in Turkey. Our team specialises in providing gastric bypass and gastric sleeve weight loss surgery to patients from abroad since 2006.

Experienced, certified surgeons, caring medical personnel and friendly customer service works shoulder to shoulder aiming provide safe, effective and cost efficient treatment to our customers. We care about each and every of our patients personally and we make a longterm commitment following our customer lives long after the weight loss surgery.

What is the gastric sleeve procedure? A gastric sleeve bariatric surgical procedure is performed for patients with morbid obesity.

Our Weight Loss Surgery Department specializes in the treatment of obesity. It is one of the best facility for weight loss surgery in Turkey.

Mono Obesity Surgery has developed treatment packages to offer comprehensive medical experiences to the international obesity treatment seekers; obesity treatment packages are designed delicately by the Mono team by considering every need and expectation of an international patient during the medical journey.

Every step of the medical journey is designed for the well-being of the patients; Mono Obesity Surgery patients are provided with continuous assistance by our team throughout their weight loss surgery experience.

Weight loss surgery package is designed with the most quality and luxury facilities in Izmir; our patients accommodate in the cozy Mono Villa designed for the comfort of our patients or in the luxury 5-star hotel centrally located in Izmir. All the airport and inner city transfers of our patients are pre-arranged by our team. Assistance of Mono Obesity Surgery team starts from your online consultation and continues until the final results of your treatment are achieved.

Please get in touch with Mono Obesity Surgery for a privileged weight loss procedure experience in Turkey with the most affordable prices, the most successful treatments and high standard service; our dedicated team is looking forward to meet you and initiate your weight loss journey.

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