Weight Loss Balloon Near Me

A gastric balloon is a kind of weight-loss procedure. The procedure causes a loss in weight by placing a balloon in the abdomen. If a patient with obesity failed a diet or cardio exercises, gastric balloon placement is an available option to lose weight. However, it is not a permanent solution for losing weight. Long-term weight loss requires preparing a proper diet plan and getting an exercise plan.

Gastric Balloon Procedure Near Me

Doctors perform gastric balloon procedures in the endoscopy unit. The doctors place a balloon to the stomach. Then, the doctors fill the balloon with saline. This surgery takes almost an hour to complete successfully. However, after the procedure, patients should change the eating diet to completely liquids.

Non-Invasive Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon procedure requires no introduction of instruments into the body. Therefore, patients are prone to prefer non-invasive gastric balloons for weight loss. As a result of gastric balloon placement, patients feel full quickly when eating.

Weight Loss Balloon Near Me

Gastric balloon procedures cause more weight loss than only diets. Balloons for weight loss relieve overweight problems such as heart diseases and high blood pressure. However, patients should change their diet and along with their physical activities. Otherwise, it is possible not to lose weight.

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Placing a gastric balloon filled with saline into the stomach has some small side effects. Some patients observe pain and nausea a few days after surgery. However, there are also some rare and severe effects, such as vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain. If a patient feels any of these side effects right after surgery, the patient should notify the doctor.

Balloon in the Stomach to Lose Weight Cost

A gastric balloon is a cheap way to lose weight in Turkey compared the other countries. However, the price’s cheapness does not mean that Turkey’s quality of gastric balloons is inadequate; on the contrary, it is of outstanding quality.


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The procedure is performed under anesthesia after the patient is completely asleep, accompanied by an endoscopy. First, the inner surface of the stomach is examined. After it is seen that there is no obstacle to placing a balloon in the stomach, the balloon is placed with the help of an endoscope and inflated with a certain amount of air or liquid according to the characteristics of the weight loss balloon.

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Various balloons serve the same purpose, depending on the duration of gastric retention and the adjustability of the amount of fluid in the balloon. Your doctor who will perform the procedure will inform you in detail about this issue. You should stop eating 12 hours before the procedure and stop drinking 6 hours before the procedure. It is extremely important to comply with this, as nausea may occur after the balloon is inflated.

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The process takes about 20 minutes. You will be under observation for 1-2 hours after the procedure, and then you can go home. Since this procedure will be performed under anesthesia, you cannot drive a car that day. Effective weight loss can be achieved with the gastric balloon, although not as much as surgical methods.

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The gastric balloon is designed to remain in the stomach for six months. Some balloons can stay up to 1 year. Afterward, the balloon is deflated again under anesthesia and removed with the help of an endoscopy.

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The balloon covers a certain part of your stomach’s inner volume and helps you feel full by eating less. Before the balloon is attached, you cannot eat the maximum amount you can eat in one sitting after the balloon is attached.

Another benefit of the weight loss balloon is that it slows the passage of the foods you take through the stomach and helps you feel full for a longer period.

weight loss balloon near me

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