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Weight loss surgery; is the surgery performed to help people lose weight. There are many types of weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery can be applied when successful results cannot be obtained in obese patients after diet, exercise, and medication.

There are various surgical techniques used in obesity with the developing technology. The physician and the patient decide together on the choice of surgery according to the patient’s condition. You can contact the weight loss surgery clinic and get information about the appropriate surgery. You can have the surgery that suits you best. There is no reason to be afraid of weight-loss surgeries as they are performed by specialist doctors within the knowledge of your doctor.

How much is weight loss surgery?

How much is weight loss surgery is one of the issues on the agenda of those who have obesity problems. Although they usually want to know a transparent surgery fee, we need to state that the prices can vary. This surgery, which is one of the ideal weight loss methods for those who have obesity problems and cannot lose weight, remains the most common operation on the subject worldwide.

Gastric sleeve is a procedure based on removing 60% to 90% of the stomach. But this procedure is very easy for patients. After a short and comfortable recovery period, patients who continue their lives from where they left off also start to lose weight. Moreover, we will talk about how the process works in our clinic.

Weight loss surgery, how long does it take?

Since the stomach reduction operation is performed laparoscopically, with cameras and small holes, the healing process is also fast. Under normal conditions, it is sufficient for the patient to stay in the hospital for three nights. Recovery is very easy and short as well; patients feel good enough to continue with their daily life quickly.





Weight Loss Surgery

In the treatment of obesity, surgeries have started to increase considerably recently. There is more than one Weight Loss Surgery such as bypass, sleeve, balloon. Among these slimming surgeries, you should decide on the most suitable one for you together with your doctor.

Who Cannot Have Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgeries cannot be applied to patients with severe heart, kidney, and lung diseases, and to those who have high risk for receiving general anesthesia. Also, doctors do not perform weight loss surgery for those with neurological and mental illnesses and those who cannot control their eating.

Besides, doctors do not recommend obesity surgery for patients with a body mass index below 35. They also do not perform obesity surgeries for those who are alcohol, drug, and substance addicts. It is not suitable to perform weight loss surgery on immobile patients.

How much weight can be lost with slimming surgery?

Weight loss after weight loss surgery varies from patient to patient. However, depending on the patient’s weight, it aims to lose the significant amount of the weight in the first months.

Generally, patients can get rid of 50 to 80 percent of their excess weight in the first year after sleeve gastrectomy.

The most decisive factors in weight loss are that the changes patient make on his/her old life habits after the operation. Patients should not skip any regular physician controls and pays attention to follow a healthy nutrition program. Patients who do these can lose more weight in a much shorter time and permanently maintain their ideal weight.

Diseases Caused by Obesity

Obesity is the first cause of many diseases in our lives. Especially cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, obesity creates metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome affects the vascular structure, and it is the underlying cause of many vascular pathologies that develop due to atherosclerosis.





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London Wandsworth Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery performes the best London Wandsworth Gastric Sleeve weight loss operations with many years of experience and healthy, fast and consistent patient-oriented performance. Please ask us now; get the 2021 gastric sleeve cost online.

The professional and qualified doctors of obesity at Mono Obesity Surgery present quick and effective results for the medical treatments of London Camden Gastric Sleeve.

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is a revolutionary process that gives patients magnificient results that they cannot obtain by diet or training. Gastric Sleeve features the latest technological innovations and state-of-the-art techniques of treatment.

Gastric sleeve is efficient and simple; sedation is carried out and the patients are able to recover safely thanks to the advanced techniques. Minor side effects are gone in a few days after gastric sleeve.

Weight Loss Surgery

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After Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve procedure is irreversible and has long-term results.

Unique diet programs, which are necessary for complete recovery and wellness, are created for London Wandsworth Gastric Sleeve patients by certified Mono Obesity Surgery nutrition specialists.

London Wandsworth Gastric Sleeve

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Obesity Patients London Wandsworth Gastric Sleeve Reviews

“Gastric sleeve helped me to lose 55 kg within a year; I must say I still cannot believe the magnificent results. Mono Obesity Surgery team was so kind and helpful to me; we are still in touch. Thank you for everything!”

Weight loss surgery
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“I had my gastric sleeve 2 years ago; I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. I got rid of obesity related medical problems along with my excess weight after the operation. Thank you Mono Obesity for this life-changing experience.”

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A certain degree of excess weight (obesity) is treated surgically according to modern medical standards; obesity surgery is also called stomach reduction surgery, but for some cases, a single intervention in the stomach is not enough. Stomach reduction is the aim, but the surgery type is decided by the suitable treatment way that the bariatric surgeon finds necessary.

Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended for patients who are obese and have not achieved important weight loss with diets or exercises. Your obesity surgeon is likely to recommend this surgery if your body mass index is over 45, or if you suffer from any obesity-related diseases like Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure or high cholesterol with a BMI over 35.

Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity surgeries should not be opted by the people who suffer from hormonal diseases. To lose weight, these patients need to try methods like constant nutrition plans and regular exercises. It cannot be done to people with a body mass index of 35 and below. The surgery should not be performed on patients who suffer from obesity due to hormonal disorders. It should not be preferred by people with a psychological disorder and not recommended to have the procedure by a psychiatric doctor.

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After necessary routine tests are done, they are examined by the obesity unit of the hospital or clinic. This unit consists of general surgical dietitian, internal medicine doctor and psychiatry and neurology specialists; they state their opinion on whether the operation should be performed or not.

The obesity surgery has some criteria determined for overweight patients; stomach reduction surgeries are not suitable for everyone. The body mass index 35 or the ones above also cause obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, arthritis and digestive problems are suitable for those with other disorders like heart diseases.

Weight loss methods are suitable for people who were not successful on losing weight in a healthy way despite being consistent for an adequate time. When a person is overweight, the first method that should be tried is dieting under the supervision of a professional and bariatric surgery should not be the first option. It is hard for patients who would like to have gastric sleeve surgery to make this decision; these patients deal with both the society’s pressure on them to eat less and lose weight, and the feeling of failure on the inability of losing weight despite all the dieting and exercising. It is very hard for patients to decide on any medical procedure.

weight loss surgery prices
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Bariatric surgeries are suitable for obesity patients with a body mass index of more than 40, and again with a body mass index of more than 35 and have obesity-related medical problems like blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain and who could not lose weight with diet before.

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A detailed examination is done before the procedure. Patients are examined by specialists of internal diseases, endocrine, anesthesia, cardiology, pulmonology and psychiatry. Procedure is often performed on patients who are between the ages 18-70. For patients under 18, the surgery should be determined by examining the degree of obesity and other related diseases. In addition, for people under 18, both the doctor’s approval and the parent’s approval are necessary. For those over 70, the general health condition of the patient and the need for the operation are examined by the doctor. Since the treatment of weight-related diseases will also occur in gastric sleeve, the surgery should be performed under the supervision of specialist doctors in a fully-equipped hospital.

Contact Mono Obesity Surgery to find out if you are a suitable candidate for an obesity surgery in Turkey.

Weight Loss Turkey is a bariatric surgery platform for surgery at Mono Clinic in Turkey. Our team specialises in providing gastric bypass and gastric sleeve weight loss surgery to patients from abroad since 2006.

Experienced, certified surgeons, caring medical personnel and friendly customer service works shoulder to shoulder aiming provide safe, effective and cost efficient treatment to our customers. We care about each and every of our patients personally and we make a longterm commitment following our customer lives long after the weight loss surgery.

What is the gastric sleeve procedure? A gastric sleeve bariatric surgical procedure is performed for patients with morbid obesity.

Our Weight Loss Surgery Department specializes in the treatment of obesity. It is one of the best facility for weight loss surgery in Turkey.

Mono Obesity Surgery has developed treatment packages to offer comprehensive medical experiences to the international obesity treatment seekers; obesity treatment packages are designed delicately by the Mono team by considering every need and expectation of an international patient during the medical journey.

Every step of the medical journey is designed for the well-being of the patients; Mono Obesity Surgery patients are provided with continuous assistance by our team throughout their weight loss surgery experience.

Weight loss surgery package is designed with the most quality and luxury facilities in Izmir; our patients accommodate in the cozy Mono Villa designed for the comfort of our patients or in the luxury 5-star hotel centrally located in Izmir. All the airport and inner city transfers of our patients are pre-arranged by our team. Assistance of Mono Obesity Surgery team starts from your online consultation and continues until the final results of your treatment are achieved.

Please get in touch with Mono Obesity Surgery for a privileged weight loss procedure experience in Turkey with the most affordable prices, the most successful treatments and high standard service; our dedicated team is looking forward to meet you and initiate your weight loss journey.

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