The Gastric Bypass

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The Gastric Bypass Operation

Gastric bypass is a type of stomach reduction surgery that is a popular operation. The operation is for people who cannot get results with diet and exercise and whose weight seriously affects their health. The purpose of the operation is different from that in sleeve gastrectomy. While gastric capacity reducing in sleeve gastrectomy operation aims to reach the result by reducing the capacity and absorption in Gastric Bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass band

A gastric band is, or colloquially, known as the gastric banding method. A doctor places a band made of silicone around the stomach, approximately 20 mm below the esophagus and stomach’s junction. The band’s inner wall is like a longitudinal balloon or bicycle tire—this balloon is connected to a subcutaneous port through a thin tube. The band is left down during surgery but after about one month. It is gradually inflated with serum injections from the port under the skin. In this way, the stomach passage size can be changed with a simple intervention after surgery.

Band Gastric Bypass

The band has silicone and does not have any allergic effects. It divides the stomach into two compartments like an hourglass. When the small stomach pouch remains on top fill with food, a feeling of satiety occurs early, thus reducing food intake. In the band method, as in other surgical methods, the basic principle is to change the behavioral habits and eat the patient’s style. If the band remove, it may be possible to return to pre-operative weight quickly. Therefore, this operation is not a permanent solution for morbid obesity unless the patient’s eating habits change. However, it can provide serious weight loss and provide a healthier life by reducing the risks associated with obesity-related secondary diseases.

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Gastric bypass near me

If you are also having problems with weight, we recommend that you try gastric bypass and consult to a clinic.

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