The Gastric Sleeve Clinic

16 March 2021 by monoobesit

The Gastric Sleeve Clinic

Doctors perform various obesity surgeries in sleeve clinics. The purpose of sleeve clinics is to help patients lose weight. A Bariatric gastric sleeve is one of the most common and popular weight-loss surgeries. Doctors reduce the patient’s stomach in bariatric gastric sleeve surgery.

The Sleeve Clinic

In sleeve clinics, doctors start the surgery by making a few small holes in the patient’s abdomen. Then, doctors perform the surgery using state-of-the-art surgical instruments. In vertical gastric sleeve surgery turkey, doctors cut a large part of the patient’s stomach. Thus, since the patient’s stomach is small, the patient starts to eat less.

Sleeve Clinic

After the operation, patients are guests at the clinic for 2-4 days. Doctors take care of patients during their stay at the clinic. Therefore, doctors solve all the problems of patients quickly. Patients are forbidden to eat during the first two days. Then patients can only eat liquid and puree foods.

obesity clinic turkey
obesity clinic turkey

Bariatric Sleeve

After the surgery, patients should diet and eat healthy. If patients do not eat healthily, they may not be able to lose weight. Even patients can gain weight despite gastric sleeve surgery. Vertical gastric sleeve surgery helps patients to diet. Therefore, patients should make healthy eating a habit.

Vertical Gastric Sleeve Cost

Patients should contact the clinic for the cost of vertical gastric sleeve surgery. Patients can communicate with the clinic by different methods. As a first option, patients can talk to the live support line from the clinic’s website. Thus, clinical staff can answer patients’ questions.

obesity clinic turkey
obesity clinic turkey

Gastric Sleeve Operation Cost

Another option is that patients can contact the clinic’s phone number. Patients can call the clinic or send a message to the clinic via Whatsapp. In both options, clinical staff responds quickly to all questions of patients. Patients should describe their situation well in these interviews.

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