Weight loss sleeve cost

12 March 2021 by monoobesit

Weight loss sleeve cost

A weight-loss sleeve is for obesity treatment. The operation process is comfortable, and the complication rate is relatively low. It is still the most common weight loss surgery in the world. One of the most curious issues for those who want to have this surgery is weight loss sleeve cost.

Weight loss sleeve cost

Since different procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery, gastric balloon, and lap-band answer the needs of the different obesity conditions, the cost of them varies. Besides the difference between different weight loss treatments; Whether the person is suitable for bariatric treatment, their medical history and expectations also matter.

Lap gastric sleeve

The operation is performed under full anesthesia and a closed (laparoscopic) surgical technique. The doctor performs the operation with a rod-shaped camera and rod-shaped instruments inserted through small holes into the abdomen. Doctors use automatic punching-cutting devices (staplers). Also, the Doctor separates and removes the curved part (approximately 70-80%) of the stomach.


The doctor does the surgery under general anesthesia. The operation takes an average of 45 minutes. After the cutting process is completed during the operation, the security is checked by performing a leak test (blue dye test) according to the surgeon’s preference.

Stomach sleeve operation

After anesthesia is given to the patient, carbon dioxide gas is given to the surgery site with a thin needle. The purpose of this is to separate the organs from each other. The surgeon removes 80% of the stomach to achieve the smaller size of it.

Gastric sleeve price

The pricing of this surgery is a very conceivable question. There may be changes in prices in this surgery, from the doctor’s experience and during the surgery to the hospital’s time. If you have questions about this surgery, you can contact Mono Obesity Surgery.

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