Weight Loss Surgery Clinic

4 March 2021 by monoobesit1

Weight Loss Surgery Clinic

Weight loss surgery; is the surgery performed to help people lose weight. There are many types of weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery can be applied when successful results cannot be obtained in obese patients after diet, exercise, and medication.

There are various surgical techniques used in obesity with the developing technology. The physician and the patient decide together on the choice of surgery according to the patient’s condition. You can contact the weight loss surgery clinic and get information about the appropriate surgery. You can have the surgery that suits you best. There is no reason to be afraid of weight-loss surgeries as they are performed by specialist doctors within the knowledge of your doctor.

How much is weight loss surgery?

How much is weight loss surgery is one of the issues on the agenda of those who have obesity problems. Although they usually want to know a transparent surgery fee, we need to state that the prices can vary. This surgery, which is one of the ideal weight loss methods for those who have obesity problems and cannot lose weight, remains the most common operation on the subject worldwide.

Gastric sleeve is a procedure based on removing 60% to 90% of the stomach. But this procedure is very easy for patients. After a short and comfortable recovery period, patients who continue their lives from where they left off also start to lose weight. Moreover, we will talk about how the process works in our clinic.

Weight loss surgery, how long does it take?

Since the stomach reduction operation is performed laparoscopically, with cameras and small holes, the healing process is also fast. Under normal conditions, it is sufficient for the patient to stay in the hospital for three nights. Recovery is very easy and short as well; patients feel good enough to continue with their daily life quickly.




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    why do people need gastric bypass surgery?

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