Weight Loss Surgery England

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Weight Loss Surgery England

Obesity, one of the most important diseases that need to be treated properly, brings along many diseases that threaten health.

Today, the most effective treatment method for obesity is surgical interventions. We successfully perform obesity surgery, gastric bypass surgeries, gastric sleeve, stomach botox and gastric balloon application.

What are some weight loss surgery options?

Like all obesity and metabolic surgical methods, doctors perform sleeve gastrectomy surgery with the closed method, which we call completely laparoscopic. It is the transformation of the stomach into a tube by removing 75% of the stomach vertically.

The gastric balloon is one of the effective methods in the treatment of obesity. The balloon is designed to be placed deflated in the stomach, then filled and enlarged with saline to replace an artificial bezoar. As the balloon fills, it turns into a round shape. A self-closing cap allows easy removal of the externally inserted catheter. Its design allows it to adjust to 500-700 ml volume at the time of insertion. Although the treatment can provide weight loss of 20-25 Kg on average, balloon treatment is not permanent.

There is also a type of gastric bypass operation for the weight loss surgery England treatments. It is a surgery that both restricts the stomach volume and reduces the absorption of nutrients. It is also very effective in treating metabolic diseases related to obesity, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Are weight loss surgeries dangerous?

Gastric sleeve surgeries have been performed worldwide for more than 15 years for weight loss surgery England treatments. As with any surgical intervention, sleeve gastrectomy is based on a surgical operation, which involves certain risks. At the same time, there is the possibility of experiencing vascular occlusion, vomiting, nausea, infection of surgical cuts, or turning into a hernia, although it is rare. For this reason, it is not enough to have an experienced and careful physician. The patient should pay attention to wound care both before and after the surgery.




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