Weight Loss Surgery Istanbul

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Weight Loss Surgery Istanbul

Weight loss surgeries represent an effective surgical phase to combat obesity. It is one of the most preferred obesity treatment methods. With these medical techniques, the stomach’s normal volume is reduced, less food consumption is provided, and a feeling of satiety is achieved. Weight loss surgery Istanbul surgery prices cannot directly be found on the internet.

When will insurance cover weight loss surgery?

Depending on the surgery type and your insurance type, weight loss surgery can be covered in some cases; please contact your insurance to find out about the details.

Why weight loss surgery?

Combined with a detailed treatment plan, bariatric surgery can be a useful tool to achieve long-term weight loss and improve your health quality.

Under normal circumstances, the patient can return to work after a week. The patient is already able to walk down the corridor the day after the operation.

Obesity surgery helps to improve or even eliminate many conditions related to obesity. Generally, patients need to use less medication after surgical treatment. Weight loss achieved with bariatric surgery will create exciting opportunities for you, your family, and, most importantly, your health.

When is weight loss surgery recommended?

Obesity and diabetes are the two most essential criteria in these surgeries. If the patient has severe diabetes, there are two surgeries that can be performed. One is sleeve gastrectomy, the other is gastric bypass surgery, which improves both obesity and sugar. There is also transit bipartition surgery in the pancreas that changes the pathways of the small intestines. Transit bipartition is mostly just surgery for sugar. But gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery also corrects glucose levels. They are beneficial, but every surgery has an advantage and disadvantage. Whichever method is more suitable for the patient; for example, if the patient is severely obese, sleeve gastrectomy may not be enough. For further information on weight loss surgery Istanbul, please contact us.

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