Weight Loss Surgery Operation

4 March 2021 by monoobesit0

Weight Loss Surgery Operation

If there is a problem that people from all over the world generally have recently experienced, it is obesity. Weight loss surgery operation has been confronting people with different types for many years with the recently developing technology. One of these is gastric sleeve surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery performed under general anesthesia is a closed surgery.

Doctors cut out about 80% of the stomach and shape the stomach into a tube. The procedure takes place without cutting the skin on the stomach to perform the surgery. Only a hole smaller than one centimeter is drilled, and a part of the stomach is removed by entering through this hole with a special medical device. Since medical devices are used only once for each patient in this surgery, the risk of infection is not higher than the risk in all surgeries.

Can weight loss surgery help with diabetes?

Tube stomach surgery has been performed for many years, and the most suitable patients for this surgery are individuals with severe obesity. Those with obesity-oriented Type II diabetes, morbidly obese patients are suitable for sleeve gastrectomy. Patients with a BMI of over 40 related to metabolic disorders may have this surgery. For those between 30 and 35, the decision of the physician was the basis.

Can weight loss surgery cause mental illness?

Weight loss surgery operation is for getting rid of the damage caused by obesity. Of course, as in every operation, each operation has its problems, the most common of which are leakage and bleeding. These risks decrease as the experience and experience of the center increases. A serious preparation process before the operation also reduces these risks. But it does not cause mental illness. You just feel less hungry due to the shrinkage of your stomach. So you can have a weight loss surgery operation smoothly.


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