Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

4 March 2021 by monoobesit

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

Obesity, which is described as the disease of the age, brings significant risks to our lives every day, from cancer to vascular occlusion. Of course, the only reason for the obesity problem, which brings many complaints such as not conceiving, diabetes, or high blood pressure, is not only overeating. Diseases, drugs used, malnutrition, and genetic sequence are among the various causes of obesity.

The steadily increasing number of obese around the world have the attention of both the government and the medical world. Today, many bariatric surgery methods are available, and every day thousands of people resort to bariatric surgery methods to get rid of their excess weight. Stomach reduction surgeries are also one of the most successful operations performed in obesity surgery. in Turkey the best obesity surgeons perform weight loss surgeries, and we will give you information about weight loss surgery Turkey.

What weight loss surgery is the safest?

Since weight loss surgeries have varieties, there are some risks or complications in each method. For example, gall bladder stone formation may occur due to rapid weight loss in obesity surgeries. However, the probability of this is extremely low.

Each type of bariatric surgery has its benefits and drawbacks. The surgeon recommends the type of surgery based on the health and needs of the person. All surgeries carry a particular risk. Restrictive surgeries are safer than restrictive/absorbent surgeries as they do not permanently interfere with the digestive system.

What weight loss surgery is most effective?

At this point, what matters is finding the most effective for you. Your doctor will recommend the most suitable surgery for you in weight-loss surgeries and will perform the most appropriate surgery. If you want to get information about the right surgery for you, please contact us for consulting to our experienced obesity doctors.





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