What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

6 March 2021 by monoobesit0

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

One of the most common surgical interventions today is sleeve gastrectomy and is commonly known as “stomach reduction surgery.” With the closed surgery method, doctors will cut out 80 percent of the stomach. Thus, it will restrict the food intake of the stomach. Besides, sleeve gastrectomy has a shallow effect on food absorption. The appetite of those who have tube stomach surgery is decreasing. When your stomach is small, your capacity to eat is also tiny. Besides, insulin resistance will break even without weight loss yet. Doctors will perform gastric sleeve surgery in an average of 1.5 hours. Weight gain of 20-30% can happen after the surgery. People who had Gastric Sleeve surgery should not forget that this surgery is a serious job and can make their lives better. Although doctors can intervene to a certain extent, the critical issue is with the patient himself.


After the Gastric Sleeve Surgery


One of the disadvantages of this operation is that the absorption remains the same. Simultaneously, it will reduce the amount of food consumed with the reduced stomach due to the sleeve gastrectomy operation. Or, in other words, someone who eats a small amount of high-calorie foods gets all the calories they consume. Eating sugar increases the rate of weight gain after sleeve gastrectomy. It has another disadvantage. When you remove 80 percent of the stomach, it will destroy the removed part. For this reason, it will no longer be possible to return the stomach to its original.


Tube Surgery Conditions


Not everyone can volunteer for sleeve gastrectomy. To have surgery, you must be at least severely obese. In terms of an age range, people between 18 and 65 are suitable for Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Besides, the degree of obesity and the diseases mentioned above are essential for people under 18. Doctors will need parental approval, along with the physician’s decision. For people over the age of 65, things are a little bit different.


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